Thursday, January 30, 2014

South Australia is HOT PROPERTY!

Last week Suzannah wrote her column about how South Australian businesses are making their mark throughout Australia. This week a report was released by that proves that SA is not just making its mark in business, but also in property! SA property is once again gaining national attention with 5 out of the 10 most in demand suburbs in Australia! We have the first 3 suburbs on this 'Top Sellers' list, which is an amazing result!

This national demand for South Australian property is no secret to us at Toops - heavy competition between buyers for property and an increase in demand from interstate is something we have been seeing in the marketplace for some time. This report cements the trend we have been seeing and is great news for SA property owners! 

A recent example to back this up was last week when I was in Melbourne for the Tennis. I was catching up with some Melbourne born and bred friends who are either looking to start, or want to add to their property portfolios… but instead of looking for property in Melbourne - which they have been saving for and talking about for years - they now want to invest here in Adelaide! And why wouldn't they? We have one of the most stable markets in Australia with some of the most affordable properties, allowing people to get into the market early.

The irony is that while South Australians seem to worry about our market, those across the border are seeing our property from afar and consider it as the place of opportunity. There is a common theme here; property in SA is looking really good despite all the recent negativity around Holdens and our economy in general. 

What an incredible result again this week for our market. We have trumped the nation with our suburbs and their levels of demand...don't you love it!

So which suburbs in SA are most in demand? Parkside took out the top spot as the most in demand suburb in Australia! Closely followed by Norwood (2), Mitcham (3),
St Peters (6) and Burnside (7).

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you own a property in these suburbs, you are in hot demand! There are more buyers looking at your suburb than anywhere else in Australia.

This is great news if you are thinking of selling, as more demand means you are in the best position to achieve a premium sale price!

Genevieve Toop

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