Thursday, January 16, 2014

Under New Management

What happened to Summer Holidays?
At our age, Sylvia and I should be taking it easy and swanning around the place over January... let the kids do all the hard yards! As it turns out, we pretty much worked right through, and all four of us - Genevieve, Suzannah, Sylvia and I - were all flat out covering work activities. Why do we do this? I'm 56; I started in real estate at 19... what is it about this business that makes it so hard to stay away?
Whoever said that January is a quiet time obviously has never worked it! Anyway, no whingeing. I obviously still love it, in a twisted sort of way and real estate isn't really work, it's just what we do.
Last week Gen's Inside Story reported on the flood of Toop&Toop sales in the first week of 2014. She also covered off on the ridiculous rental market that has been as hot as this week's heat wave. Last year I wrote an article about "Addicted to Real Estate", and outlined how we were looking for great people with a common passion like ours to help us with building the business to the next level with the new energy of Genevieve and Suzannah driving it.
We have made it no secret that we are looking for even more crazy real estate-addicted, motivated and passionate people striving to be the best-of-the-best in this business. We have seven offices and business is ramping up.
This week we inducted four new recruits, with more starting next week; but we haven't finished yet, we still want more. The response to positions has been incredible; this is an exciting time.
We still have big opportunities available but we are focused on only securing good people who are compatible with our addictive culture.
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. We need the finest Property Management professionals to work alongside the best in the business, learning how to look after our clients and their properties better than anyone else in the industry. We are also looking for a HILLS person who knows property management to head up our new PM team from our famous Stirling office (REIA National Small Office of the Year 2013).
SALES. We are still looking for high energy and passionate sales partners, particularly for Golden Grove, the Hills, Fleurieu and down at the Bay.
Boom? It may not be a boom, but it really has been amazing. It's actually tough. Only the best operators are doing any good under the current market conditions, but it's exciting. What a great time to get addicted.
HEADHUNTING. I know the current trendy thing to do in real estate is to continuously headhunt competitors' staff. They must teach that in real estate school these days. To me, that's just like stealing. So here is the Toop alternative.
If you are a proven operator, have high ethics and aspire to be the best in the country (you're addicted), you should call us. You don't have to ask for a job, just ask what working in Team Toop would be like.
Have a coffee with one of us, or any of our team, to find out more.  If you are interested, and we are keen, we just make it happen. There's nothing to lose, but plenty to gain.
If it's really confidential, call Genevieve on 0418 824 178 for a chat on sales, and Suzannah on 0413 594 285 for Property Management.
Exciting market, an exciting new-look team and I'm thrilled to see Genevieve and Suzannah addicted and taking over running the business from Sylvia and I. We are definitely "under new management" in 2014, what a thrill!
Anthony Toop

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