Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's a small Community.

Today we go to the polls again to elect our inspirational leaders who will solve all our worries and make life in South Australia good and fair.

For the past weeks we have been subjected to non-stop bickering and horrible behaviour (rubbish) on our televisions. We drive around this beautiful city and have been subjected to a proliferation of the visual litter and clutter of political campaign banners.

While all the debates and sledging went on, the small business community was locked away in new legislation training on all new rules about residential Landlords and Tenants, and new Privacy laws.... all hitting right now in March.

I scratch my head and wonder how many more big sticks these new
leaders can dream up to make our lives more complicated, make us more fearful and make us all more accountable to "dreamt up" red tape and a theoretical new world established by these genius leaders.

Where have the rules of "common sense and self accountability" gone? Where have the self-imposed standards of good community citizens gone? Is it possible with all these rules and regulations we are no longer able to think about what is right and what is wrong ourselves? Are we this dependent on regulation with rules and fines to know how we should behave as a community?

Well as a seasoned business operator, I see the cost of all these rules and regulations to business is growing by the day. The cost of sending staff continually to seemingly non-stop learning of new rules, new regulations, new responsibilities, new fines, new licences is becoming quite a joke.

Last night I was putting my new real estate agent's licence in my wallet. I realised if I'd been asked on the weekend by the real estate police to see it, I would have been fined for my licence being a week out of date! If I forget my wallet and leave it in the car, I cop a fine! It has to be on my person! What??!!

To the new geniuses that will be running this madness, how about giving the community some credit for self-regulation? What about rewarding good behaviour rather than the threats and the massive fines hanging over all of us, even when we are focused on being really good community leaders. What about giving some responsibility BACK TO US to do the right thing.

We are a small community, by far and away we are all trying to do the right thing and look after each other...maybe it's time to find a better way before we all have nervous breakdowns trying to administer and adhere to this avalanche of new heavy handed legislation.

Vote one...COMMON SENSE.

Ours is a small community, it's time we had some love.

Anthony Toop

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