Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Power of Teamwork!

On Wednesday, State Government executives visited our Head Office in Norwood. This was part of a half day tour they were doing to gain insight on how businesses are delivering exceptional customer service to their clients.

While preparing for this presentation, it became very evident to Suzannah and I just how many areas of our customer service excellence come back to the philosophy of teamwork. 

The interesting thing was, this wasn't the first time during the week that I had been thinking about the power of teamwork and just how much it has an impact on results. 

Seeing the Power's impressive win against Geelong on Sunday put the importance of teamwork at the front of my mind. I believe the outcome of this game was inevitable from the moment Port Adelaide presented as a united team, linking arms for the National Anthem. This was a statement of an extremely strong and cohesive team and from this moment, it was clear to me they would win the match… well before their comfortable lead at three quarter time.

There is a famous saying used a lot on the sporting fields: "A champion team will always beat a team of champions."  Reflecting on the week, this statement couldn't be more true, for the Port Adelaide Football Club and for our team at Toop&Toop. 

In our presentation to the State Government executives it was no coincidence that everything relating to our customer service kept coming back to our team...

Teamwork is imbedded in our culture and our company structure allows us to make teamwork a reality and an everyday practice.

We are unique in the real estate industry and we are set apart in South Australia as we are the only real estate company that has 100% ownership of all seven of our offices. This may seem like an insignificant fact, but it is the reason we can deliver the best possible customer service and results to our clients. 

With over 140 staff who believe in the same values, work from the same systems, and who share and access the same contacts and databases, we can deliver a level of service to our clients that no other agency can. 

Like professional sporting teams, our team from across all seven offices meet every week. We train together, we showcase our clients' properties, ask opinions, share knowledge and learn from each other.  All of this makes us a stronger unified team and, like Port Adelaide, we truly believe it is this team approach and philosophy that is driving the great results we are achieving for our clients. 

Genevieve Toop

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