Thursday, November 27, 2014

Three topical subjects today.

What is the market doing?

So how is the market tracking right now? It's been amazing. Vendors and buyers are still in full swing and the race is on and being run right to the end of the year! Sales and rental activity have been simply incredible. We think it will continue right up until Christmas Day.  So we want more listings right now, today... of properties you are looking to rent or sell. 

2014 is finishing in spectacular fashion. It isn't a boom in the traditional sense. Prices and rents are not leap-frogging and buyers and tenants are generally remaining rational. However, it has been fast and furious particularly in the prestige and trendy more-affordable space.

For example, if you have a character property in the Parkside or Prospect areas around the $600,000 to $800,000 price range, or a rental for $500-700pw, you are likely to see true boom-like behaviour.

Conclusion: Toop&Toop want houses to sell and to rent for December and January. Ring any of the team right away. Let's get moving on it.

Toop&Toop's new press ad layout... what do buyers say?  

Now onto Toop&Toop's new press ad layout. Genevieve initiated and drove this with Matt Kenny, who heads our advertising studio. They consulted with external experts, The Advertiser and focus groups and the layout was built on the 'new age' way readers engage with the paper. I love it! Bold? Yes. Strategic? Yes. Like any industry, when you do something different that is challenging the norm, your competitors vocalise about it. It seems our industry is no different, and they have been very negatively preaching about it. But for us, who know the research and logic behind it, we have been pumped over the sales results we are getting from its power! It took us to the number one position in The Advertiser real estate lift out, and has been a hit!

Buyers are hungry for big, beautiful images, and for fast easily-digested information. Buyer behaviour has changed enormously... we all know that. For us, the purpose of having press advertising has changed, it is there to capture the casual looker. It is no longer focussed on attracting the hard core house hunter. This is why newspapers all over the world are dramatically changing their formats and changing their mix between press and on-line. Those in the know understand the changing behaviours and research supports fast consumption of information followed up with effortless access to detail rich online. Toop&Toop understand that your very best buyers are the 'unintentional' buyer. This is the spontaneous emotional buyer, not the house hunters who hunt relentlessly for property and love researching online. The classic example has been properties we have sold from SA Life. Most haven't even been looking for a property, or have been referred from friends who spotted it. With the new large format Advertiser Real Estate Lift out, the power is in finding unintentional buyers, house hunters no longer need it. All credit to The Advertiser, it is working. Our results are undeniable.

Conclusion: Competitors, instead of gossiping ignorantly about our marketing, why not concentrate on your own? The way buyers behave has and is changing fast and we need to move with this, not ignore it. Buyers and sellers, enjoy the uncluttered elegance and our beautiful pictures. 

Be sure to use your smart phone to go directly to any Toop&Toop property that catches your eye. All our client's properties' have exclusive web addresses, where you get to see up to twice as many images including video's not available on any other portal... Members of our get to see properties that have not yet been released. It's so easy, type in the street number and name followed by (eg. and you are there... you can even type in a specific feature like try it! 

My Maintenance – ground breaking innovation for Landlords and Tenants. 

Finally, to INNOVATION. Tenants and landlords will be rapt to finally see their service levels take a big step up, and running costs down. We end 2014 with the launch of My Maintenance (MM). It will initially help our 2,000 Tenants (we call TenantClients) to report any maintenance issues that they are experiencing and it's available 24/7 in a clever, simple and painless way. It has the smarts to solve many common issues instantly.

Suzannah and her team have developed a solution for the frustration and complexity of providing cost-effective maintenance for investors. Initial feedback is that tenants and trade suppliers LOVE it. This is a breakthrough. As a technology solution for organisational reform with suppliers, it's a project management system which will cut costs, while dramatically increasing service levels, and a communication hub for TenantClients and LandlordOwners. It's very, very cool.

We are certain this is the first of its kind in Australia, possibly anywhere. It is an entire maintenance system. 

Our TenantClients were all invited to drinks and a movie Tuesday night to celebrate a new era and to hear and see My Maintenance technology first hand.

All Toop&Toop TenantClients can now access this service as we are running a Beta version for December and then the full launch is set for late January. It's live now, and Suzannah will be talking much more about this as it ramps up.

Congratulations Suzannah, our Property Management Team and our IT gurus. This is your baby guys and I only wish I had been clever enough to think of this. My only excuse is that the technology wasn't available.

"The biggest breakthrough in efficiency in managing investment property since the computer." These are my words not Suzannah's... I am a very proud Dad!

So to wrap up: Sales and Leasing has been at near-record levels. We have reinvented and modernised old fashioned paper advertising; we are rolling out the 2015 version of the VirtualAgent selling system in the coming weeks; and this week we upped the ante in managing properties with the launch of My Maintenance.

Exhausting but exhilarating...

Anthony Toop

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