Thursday, January 08, 2015

2015... Already off to a blistering start in property...

As the first full week of 2015 comes to a close, it is clear that real estate doesn't stop to make resolutions. While traditionally most agencies take the first few weeks of January to launch into the New Year, we always get started immediately...  and we have always had sensational January sales. It's not just the weather that's hot right now; the real estate market is running hot based on 2015's first week!

There is huge demand from both buyers and tenants who certainty haven't taken any time off looking for their next property and are eager to secure a place ASAP to start their new year! 

Toop&Toop recognised the opportunity late last year. As most who are on the open inspection circuit know, Toop&Toop have our award winning, and sophisticated selling system called VirtualAgent (Va). In November and December, Va recorded 4100 buyers attending Toop&Toop inspections. This simply confirms the huge buyer demand in Adelaide that continued right up until Christmas. Given traditionally there is limited stock on the market in January, properties on the market at this time often achieve premium results. Buyers are hungry to see properties, and are starved of choice. 

Similarly, the rental market has shown no indications of slowing down and our leasing team worked over the Christmas period, while once again the majority of the industry traditionally doesn't. As a result, properties over this time leased extremely well and very quickly. Several leased in under 4 days and one this week was listed and let within 24 hours. The number of tenants looking for properties right now is quite astonishing, and they are far more active than previous years.

Some added stimulus this week as financial experts were quoted in the media as having changed their minds on how interest rates will go in 2015...They are now tipping  that rates will hit record lows before they eventually go back up, and with any rise minimal. With the talk of already all-time low interest rates dropping again, buyer demand is almost certain to continue and potentially rise further. 

Our team is in full swing, refreshed and feeling pumped up. We have 59 inspections this weekend and a hectic 27 auctions scheduled for January! 

So if you are ready to sell, or perhaps a Landlord wanting to rent out your investment, we need to hear from you while things are running so well. Buyers, be sure to speak to our team or register as a ToopVIP to see properties first, before they are released to the public.   

The year couldn't have started off better for sellers, it's an exciting time in real estate and we can't wait for the year ahead.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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