Thursday, March 12, 2015

Team Toop are excited to represent SA in Real Estate's night of nights!

This week we are heading over to Perth for the 'Oscar Awards' of Real Estate; the Real Estate Institute of Australia's Awards for Excellence. At the time this goes to print, Suzannah and I will literally be half way between Adelaide and Perth, full of nervous and excited energy as we gear up for the awards night. 

Toop&Toop are representing South Australia in three of the largest awards for excellence on the night; Marketing & Communications of the Year, Innovation of the Year, and the most prestigious award: Australia's Large Agency of the Year. To the Eastern States, SA may be seen as the underdog but we are really pumped and looking forward to seeing where we benchmark against some of the biggest agencies in Australia.

Like the Oscars, these awards are the highest accolade in our industry. All of the entrants have been put through their paces and have truly deserved their title as Australian finalists by winning the award at the state level. 

Toop&Toop have been entering and winning awards for as long as I can recall. Even as a child I remember Mum and Dad getting all dressed up and Suzannah and I telling them to 'break a leg' as they drove off to various award nights. 20 years later, I now know why it is engrained in our culture and why it is so important. Awards keep us driven and accountable to always think of how we can improve and do things even better.  

One thing that irritates me when I hear about a company winning awards, is not knowing why they have won. Personally, this is the part that is  so interesting to me, and often you never actually get to find out. So I wanted to share why we are 
National finalists...

Marketing & Communications of the Year
We won this award in SA for our unique approach to marketing our client's homes. The way we are structured with our own in-house fully serviced Advertising Agency allows us to offer our clients professional photography, property videos and personal property websites. This is all at very cost effective prices, which attracts large numbers of buyers to our clients' homes. Last year we also developed an 'off market' marketing channel, 'The Vault' which is an Australian (possibly world) first and is 100% unique to Toop&Toop clients. It has been just over 12 months since we launched The Vault and with over 2,500 registered VIPs (Very Important Purchasers), we are getting exceptional sales results for clients before a property even hits the public market! 

Innovation of the Year
We won the SA Innovation award for our Toop&Toop Wellness Centre. The Real Estate Industry is known for its 24/7 nature, and across Australia the burn out rates in the industry are very high. We introduced our Wellness Centre, with a full time Wellness Centre Manager to help our team manage the pressures of the industry and help to create a sustainable long-term career. It has been 12 months since we introduced this innovation and we are seeing a huge difference in the team culture and energy levels and this is transferring through to our service to clients. 
It has been so exciting to introduce something that our team can truly benefit from and is making a difference in not only their lives but flowing through to our clients who are seeing the benefits as well. 

Large Agency of the Year 
We were so honoured to win this award at the state level as it truly encapsulated and recognised the power of Team Toop. This award was about our 123 people, from all different departments, in all different roles, working together as one team. Having Property Management, Sales, Marketing, IT and Administration across seven offices in SA all working together on the same systems and all communicating with each other in real time is unique in real estate and it can not easily be done. We are seeing the power of this team work first hand through the results we are achieving for our clients and the extra levels of service we are able to offer. 

For us, the WHY is exactly what the awards night is all about. Suzannah and I couldn't be more proud to be in Perth representing such an amazing team. One thing these three awards have in common is that they are all team awards. We have so many talented people who make up Team Toop and hard work has enabled us to be national finalists in three categories... something no other agency in SA has done!! So to Team Toop, a big thank you for all of your hard work this year – you have made us proud and hopefully we can make SA proud and shake things up at the Nationals!!

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