Thursday, May 07, 2015

All things change... 30 years on and still as true as ever!

Team Toop celebrated a very special milestone yesterday - 30 Years in Business! As most do when they reach any of the big birthday milestones, this week has been one of reflection for us at Toop&Toop. Taking the time to look back on how far we have come as a company, it really is amazing to see how many incredible things Mum, Dad and the whole team have achieved!

When Toop&Toop first opened the doors on 8th May 1985, the business world was a very different place. It was a world without the internet, mobile phones and even pagers. While I grew up through the online transition, and do remember life before the worldwide web, from a business sense, it is still so hard for me to comprehend just how businesses ran back when information and communication seemed so limited.  

This week Dad showed us the very first Toop&Toop Business Plan and marketing material. The Business Plan was written up with a top of the range typewriter, which was apparently very high tech back in 1985. What was remarkable to see right there in black and white, was that even after 30 years our company purpose and values are still exactly the same, word for word, embedded into our team as it has grown from two to 132 people.

With the dramatic changes we have witnessed in business operations over 30 years, it becomes really interesting to look to our Toop&Toop traditions and see which ones are still in place, standing the test of time and change.

Ever since I can remember, Tuesday was my favourite time to visit the office. Tuesday was sales meeting day, and straight after this, our team jumped into cars together and visited every new listing we had that week.

Teamwork has always been important at Toop&Toop - its power and benefits to sell our clients' homes is something we have always recognised and seen value in. Technology today has just enabled us to work as a team even more efficiently. This is a tradition we still have 30 years on; our whole team still meets every week on a Tuesday, we still view every new listing and listen to the sales partners give background... the only difference is now we don't need to get into cars and physically visit each property. Technology and innovation has enabled us to achieve the same result in a fraction of the time without leaving the meeting room through the internet, photography and videos.

Looking back at some of the biggest brands over the last 30 years (Apple, Nike and McDonalds to name a few) it's very obvious that these brands are still successful today because they have understood the importance of innovation and moving with the changing consumer.

Embracing technology and innovation is at the core of our culture; it is what we are passionate about, and Suzannah and I are proud to be a part of such an incredible, forward thinking team. We are in a fortunate position to learn from the experience and knowledge of the past 30 years in business as well as from some of the most experienced real estate agents in South Australia. We have some exciting innovations in the pipeline and we're so pumped up and excited to show you what we have in store this year... and the next 30!!  

Happy Birthday Team Toop!

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