Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teamwork… the master key to success.

This week has been a unique week for Team Toop; one that has enabled us to see our strength as a team and just how important teamwork is in a real estate business. This first week of our 31st year in business has proven to us just how much more is achieved when you have a true team culture.

On Monday Toop&Toop took its 2014 Annual Awards winners on a four day conference to Seminyak in Bali. With many husband and wife teams in the mix, a total of 18 Team Toop staff hopped on a plane to our inaugural Toop&Toop Award winner's conference.

It is not every day that you have many of your key team members leave the country at the exact same time. Traditionally, a business would plan to stagger staff leave... so for us to actually organise this deliberately, on the surface, could seem quite crazy.

We can now look with the benefit of hindsight on 
this idea of all heading off as one team for training activities and time together. The 2015 Toop Conference in Bali has to go down in our history 
as one of the best things we have ever done!

The conference gave us a chance to bring some of our best minds in every area of real estate together to workshop some important aims... What are we doing now that is great? How does our team become even better at what we do? What ideas and innovations can we provide our team and bring to our industry so we can continue to provide an unmatchable service and experience to our clients?

Amongst the group, were our top performers in every area: Sales, Property Management, Marketing, IT, Admin and Customer Service - we had every area of the business represented. The topics we discussed and the ideas we came up with were phenomenal, with the outcomes being immediately implemented.

Teamwork is a word that can be easy to throw around, yet can be very rare to see in action. It can be hard to spot the performing team because they are seamless, and true teamwork always appears to stem from the deepest part of a business culture.

This year marks our 30th year in business. Anthony and Sylvia have been one of the strongest types of teams for over 35 years - husband and wife. They both started and grew Toop&Toop on what I consider to be the strongest example of teamwork I have ever seen, and this week we were able to see Toop&Toop's DNA of teamwork in action.

The power of teamwork in real estate is so important and cannot be overlooked as it ultimately impacts our customers' experience. In an industry that appears 
to be built on the success of individuals, if a strong team structure does not sit behind it, the client ultimately loses out. With 18 of us 'on location' including Anthony, Sylvia, Suzannah and I, the true testament is to how seamlessly our team back on the ground at home ran things.

This week Team Toop was able to achieve more than we ever thought possible. At our conference, 
we collaborated our knowledge and experience to tackle industry-wide challenges, and have worked out strategies and implementation plans to increase customers' experience with real estate.

Back home, our team has been continuing to focus on pooling information and commutating to Adelaide's active buyers (currently sitting at 4,657) on the latest listings, opens and auction times. Toop&Toop provide instant feedback to our vendors immediately after inspections with all the details on who came through their property and what they thought of it - even down to the detail of how many times they have been to the home.

Collaborating our entire teams' knowledge and intel to provide our clients with this type of information, plus much more, can only be unlocked when you have a true team culture.

So to the entire Team Toop, congratulations guys on a very productive and exciting week!

We can't wait to demonstrate what our team has come up with at the inaugural Toop&Toop Award winner's conference!  

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