Friday, June 19, 2015

Winter vs spring selling - time to leverage the best of both worlds!

Traditionally, sellers and agents alike have steered away from winter selling, opting to hold out until spring when the sun reappears and the garden is in full bloom. Over the last few years, this tradition has changed and technology has created new opportunities. With buyer demand so strong and consistent, no matter what the season, the industry has seen fantastic results from winter selling when demand outweighs supply.

There are pros and cons too, both depending on who you speak to... but what if you could have the best of both worlds? Tap into hot buyers now who are eager to view property, frustrated at the lack of stock in winter and willing to pay a premium, without jeopardising a strategic, fresh and high impact spring launch, making sure your home stands out from the spring pack. Thanks to the latest technological advances and our new software at Toop&Toop, you can! 

12 months ago we created a product, the ToopVault, to fast track sales and to leverage exactly this situation! We recognised that when selling a home, there is unavoidable 'down-time' between appointing an agent, to the public market launch of the home. The industry average to prepare a home for sale is three weeks and the logistics include minor property improvements, styling, photography, signboard production and marketing brochures to name a few. Keep in mind, buyers want an edge too. They crave to see new properties first, and often are happy to pay for the privilege. 

ToopVault was created to capture maximum value for our clients; leveraging this traditional downtime the industry faces, speeding up the sale process and potentially selling the property before it hits the 'open' market. 

Right now we are also finding that buyers are frustrated. All time low interest rates are increasing demand and buyers have been extremely annoyed from continually missing out. Feedback over the last 12 months has shown us that buyers will see past small things required to get a home ready. This is because they had an edge on the market and were given time to see a property before others and be able to make their decision about a property before it was 'snapped up'. 

ToopVault allows our client's home to be marketed in a unique way, unlike any other agency in SA. There are plenty of early advice products out there, but the ToopVault takes this service to a whole new level. We can communicate and market a home immediately from the day we are appointed. When our team meets with you, they can take photos of your home on the spot, write a brief description, then upload this into our system and launch the property instantly to the Vault... all before they even leave your property!

We then broadcast to our Vault members who have the opportunity to view and purchase the home before professional marketing begins or, it is released publicly. This is very powerful marketing, and low cost. 

We're now 12 months in, and the Vault's strength is undeniable. We currently have 2,728 Vault subscribers (and growing daily). This is over a 100% increase in the last six months! Since January 1 this year, we have sold 13 homes via the ToopVault - that's just over one a fortnight and these results are increasing at a rapid pace! 

So whether you're thinking of selling now or in spring, ToopVault offers the best of both seasons! If you would like to find out more about how many Vault members we have looking for a home like yours, and how we can leverage this demand to achieve a premium for your property, be sure to speak to Team Toop this weekend!

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