Monday, July 13, 2015

At Team Toop it's the little things that matter... Welcoming the latest addition to our family Toop&Toop Creche

In our world – the real estate world – traditional hours of 9am to 5pm simply don’t exist. This can amplify the challenge of finding that balance for each and every one of our team. Don’t get me wrong; the very nature of real estate is why our team love it. It’s fast-paced, unpredictable and it’s addictive. The determination to deliver outstanding results and customer service to our clients is the driving factor… but it can come at a cost.

It comes down to balance. Trying to fit everything in and find that equilibrium between work and home life can be a challenge for any working family. It’s different for everyone and different within each industry, but it affects us all. Genevieve and I are determined to find a better balance for our team in this amazing, but full on world of real estate.

We believe, just like we’ve seen in other businesses, our industry needs to be open to different ideas which allow us to bridge the gap between 24/7 work life focus and our families. A way to create happiness, balance and yet be professional at the highest level for our clients. 

We are extremely excited to introduce Toop&Toop Creche to our team.

Based within our office, like the recently introduced Toop Wellness Centre, Toop Creche is a company funded service available to our entire team to assist them cope in their lives and be switched on and motivated. A place where they can confidently and effortlessly drop their children off before attending meetings with clients, calling buyers or tenants back after a busy weekend, attending Professional Development coaching or a Wellness Centre session. Our team can now ‘hot desk’ from Toop Creche as needed… flexibility is a priority and absolutely a key outcome.

Where is the Toop Creche? Based centrally to all of our offices, Toop Creche is at Kensington House, a convenient and family style professional service that our team can use as they need!

Why is this so important to Toop&Toop and our clients?

Striving for a balance between being experts in our field and our family is at the core of our values. One does not need to compromise the other. As kids, Genevieve and I were intimately involved with Sylvia and Anthony’s (mum and dad’s) work life. I remember coming into the office at 23 The Parade, Norwood and setting up on a desk pretending to sort through mail with a big COPY stamp in my hand. Genevieve and I took our jobs very seriously as we waited for mum to finish off a few things at her desk. Keeping a close eye on us was Jane Looker, now our General Manager of Property Management, who’s been with us for 18 years, and her son Jock is pictured below! 

Times are different now and our business has seen huge growth over 30 years, yet nothing has changed. Family values, and that balance we saw Mum and Dad juggle when we were kids is still a common problem and this balance is just as important as ever. Family is at the core of our business. Toop Creche allows for our team to experience the same flexibility in a professional way and ultimately allows them to offer an even greater service to our clients. 

No doubt Genevieve and I will also want our own family one day, and we passionately believe this initiative will help us when that time comes too. We have Team Toop babies happening everywhere right now. We love our new Mums and Dads and we want to remain part of their lives too.

Suzannah Toop

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