Thursday, July 02, 2015

“Talent wins games…Teams win championships”- M. Jordan

This week has been an exciting and defining week for Team Toop.  Our company values of over 30 years stood up when challenged. We are a business that is committed to excellence. We have high standards and high expectations of our team and we believe in character over talent. We invest extensively into our people and their development, and as a result we know the right people excel in this environment. 

As a business, it is these core beliefs that give us great confidence and an enormous amount of clarity when making what many would believe to be a tough call…

This philosophy of character over talent can sometimes be easier said than done in business…Financial performance ‘talent’ is what keeps the doors open. This often makes it hard to ask where the line gets drawn. This week, I found the answer... We found a point where performance becomes an irrelevant factor and actions and behaviours speak louder than words. The point where team culture is suffering and clients’ interests are impacted. When this occurs, that line becomes very clear.

In a service based industry like ours, your brand, your promise and your reputation is everything. We pride ourselves on our company values and our ‘golden rules’ (tell the truth, no surprises and do what you say you’re going to do.) When professionalism and ethics are in question, it has the potential to impact your whole business if you don’t address it. 

Our brand has been in the real estate business for 30 years and we are just getting started. We believe that while our focus on innovation and technology enables us to provide clients with services that others can’t, it is our team who understand the importance of these tools, embrace them and understand the power of working together, which sets us apart from our competition.

We invest heavily in our team in a number of ways. In 2013, we introduced our Wellness Centre and full-time Wellness Coach. This makes it easier for our staff to maintain their wellbeing and sustain their career in a fast paced, 24/7 industry… Which has one of the highest burn out rates in Australia. 

This year, we invested in a full time professional development coach who works one on one with our entire team on their business and career goals. Our Business Coach helps the team manage their time and maintain and benchmark their skill sets to provide world class service to our clients. 

We recognise and reward excellence within the team and believe that our collective wellbeing will always outperform any individual. We believe in being fair and treating everyone as equals. A culture that I hope our clients can see flow through to everything we do and everyone we work with. 

This week we made one of the toughest calls a business like ours can make... to put team, culture, integrity, and honesty above all else.

I’m proud we had the strength of character to make the big calls. Toop&Toop have put our team above individuals, integrity above convenience and our reputation above short term profit.

What a defining week for Team Toop, and even more importantly for our Toop clients.

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