Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pictures tell 1000 words...

This weekend marks the launch of a new era in South Australian real estate marketing! This is the very first edition of The Advertiser's gloss Real Estate Magazine!

My marketing mind has been going full speed ahead over the last few months, as we move from the traditional real estate lift out to today's magazine. We've been so excited in our marketing department, as this magazine has opened up so many more opportunities for vendors. There's a new ability to showcase their properties like never before!  

We have been working hard behind the scenes with our advertising and innovation team to explore and test new design concepts.

Our aim? To leverage these new capabilities and ensure our clients' homes stand out and capture a buyer's attention in print more than ever. 

Our print advertising has always been designed to capture passive buyers (those who don't know they are looking), to get their attention and drive them to our clients' own property web address! A property having its own personal website allows it to stand alone, with no other homes competing for the buyer's attention. From here we continue to draw people in with strategic, emotive photography and property videos which keeps buyers hooked until the first open... or better yet, drives them to pick up the phone to go through the property straight away! 

Our design has leveraged the new colour and detail capabilities of the magazine, as text becomes clear and crisp, no matter what the font size. With new colour processing we have been able to use the space cleverly and overlay photos with photos. This has allowed us to provide buyers the opportunity of putting a name to a face of the agent selling the property. Research proves that this makes buyers more comfortable in picking up the phone to chat with our agents about our clients' homes.

The old saying, a picture tells 1000 words has never been more powerful and it is the key to achieving these exceptional results. These results are possible when two or more buyers are emotionally invested in the property or at least one buyer is fearful of 'too many people seeing the home' early in the campaign. Only this week, we experienced a textbook example of this in Linden Park. The property was on the Toop Vault and the purchasers were interested in the home. Just before our properties are publicly released, our VIP Vault members are the first to see the professional marketing, photography and videos of the home. In this case, the emotive marketing sparked action, and the property sold before its first inspection, well above the asking price!

The Advertiser's move to a glossy magazine style, has enabled us as real estate marketers to take emotional selling to the next level... by extending the platform to even more passive/emotional buyers. This new look will increase the number of passive buyers through new and engaging editorial content, including lifestyle interest stories from around the globe. 

Combining this with the dramatic increase in print quality, a strategically thought out design, photography, and market strategy, we have been able to expand the highly sought after emotive buyer pool to new levels and we are excited to see this translate into exceptional results for our clients this spring!!

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