Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's all about timing...

We've had our first real glimpse that summer is around the corner with some beautiful sunny weather. Spring is certainly in the air and it's an exciting time to be in real estate! We love this time of year as we open up some of the most beautiful properties across South Australia for potential buyers and tenants.

Investors, now is the perfect time to be looking.

We have seen a huge uplift in stock hit the market within our own sales team (an increase of 50.38% in just two weeks) and according to RP Data, there have been an additional 212 properties hit the market across South Australia since the 23rd of August!

Right now, not only is there more choice available to ensure you pick the perfect rental property, but investors are in the prime position to make the most of the December/January peak rental period.

You might be thinking, it's only the middle of September...  isn't it too early?

In actual fact, three months lead time is exactly the right amount of time. Here's why.

Time to plan. To ensure your investment property is ready to hit the rental market in December/January you need to find it, run the numbers, be the successful purchaser and then await settlement.

Upgrades. There may also be a few things to do around the house (such as a fresh coat of paint or new carpet) to prepare the property to achieve optimal rent. These are required to be completed before a tenant moves in and should be factored in when planning the launch date for rent.

Benchmarking. With the uplift in stock levels, there is now the ability to measure and compare the rental prospects of a number of properties to ensure you have backed the right investment.

Just like any type of investment (such as executing a trade on the stock market), timing is everything. This isn't to be confused with the notion that there is only one or two chances to buy property or you've missed your chance, but it does require planning to ensure there is enough lead time to hit the market at the right time.

Investors looking to optimise the 'busy season' in property management, now is the perfect time to be looking for your first or next rental investment.

Suzannah Toop

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