Thursday, December 17, 2015

A year of incredible achievement and client support

As we approach the last weekend of real estate for 2015 we are so grateful for the incredible support we have received from our clients, and we are filled with immense pride of how much our team has achieved.

In 2015 we focused on our property marketing. With the number of ways to market a home increasing quickly and dramatically, our focus was on making clients' homes stand out and for buyers to connect with properties even more.


We looked at innovative ways to take our clients' homes to the market quickly to hot buyers and how to create even more urgency from them through our ToopVault (a service whereby the public are not even aware these properties are on the market). As a result, we have seen our ToopVault grow from 1,300 members to over 4,100 members who we communicate with daily, and this membership is growing... FAST!

We went 'Mobile'

In 2015 we took our ToopVault mobile and created the first real estate agency app for iPhones and the Apple iWatch in Australia. This has allowed buyers to have exclusive access to services, such as alerts when they drive past ToopVault properties.

Improving our landlords' bottom line 

This year in property management, we focused on ways to improve the bottom line for our landlords. Through our My Maintenance patented software we have been able to provide tenants, landlords, suppliers and our team 24/7 access to lodging, tracking or reviewing their property maintenance requests.

Using the My Maintenance self-help function, our tenants have solved 283 maintenance items themselves which as a result, has saved our landlords $28,300 by avoiding unnecessary call-out charges! 

Our Property Management team has also been working closely with mortgage broking business, Funding Options. Through this collaboration, we have worked with a number of our landlords, saving them over $45,000 in interest. 

One of our proudest moments this year was at the 2015 Real Estate Institute of South Australia Awards which were held in October. 

To be recognised for excellence and win six of these award categories is unprecedented throughout Australia. While the trophies are fantastic, the true reward is in knowing that the innovations and services we are working so hard on, are making a difference - a difference to our clients by helping them achieve a fantastic sales result or increasing our landlords' profits. These innovations are also helping buyers find their dream home quicker, and making it easier for our tenants to fix their leaking taps.

To us, valuable outcomes for our clients is how success is measured. Thank you to all of our clients who have trusted our team and our brand to deliver results for them, and to our team who are so passionate about what they do, who work hard and are committed to achieving excellence.

It has been an amazing year, and we are so excited for what is in store for 2016!!

From everyone at Team Toop, have a fantastic Christmas and safe and happy New Year.

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