Thursday, December 03, 2015

There’s no place like home…

Team Toop recently took a day out to review the year, set new goals and plan how we can help our clients even more in 2016! 

Two weeks ago after returning from the world business forum in New York, this was a great opportunity to reflect on our time there and for us, it became even more obvious that there really is no place like home, Adelaide! 

While we were in New York everything seemed to be happening. There was a crime scene from a multiple shooting right outside our hotel (in a very good area of the city), there was a huge tenth storey fire half a block from us and then, the horrible events that happened in Paris.

The Paris attacks shook the city and being there you could feel how much the events from September 11 were still raw and still forefront in the hearts and minds of those living in the city. Everyone was on edge and we found it interesting to see first hand how this event had 
an impact in our real estate world. 

In the days that followed, while everyone was trying to make sense of what happened, we were entrenched in the NYC real estate world. We found it interesting to see first hand how this event impacted our real estate world and in very different ways for different markets. It seemed to have an instant sting to their market. 

Suzannah and I spent time with Emily Beare, New York's Number One Real Estate Agent from CORE, an agency that specialises in the top end Manhattan real estate. The feedback and concerns she was getting from sellers on how the events in Paris would affect home sales was instant. 

Within three days of the news, she had four clients asking how this would impact them and others questioning if it was a good time to be listing given the events and with buyers putting the brakes on decisions, at least in that very short term.

For the Adelaide real estate market, these types of events appear to have a different effect. Personally, an event of this nature makes me reflect on what I value and how I want to live my life. Our November website statistics reveal that many expats do too, with almost 3,500 visits from interstate and more than 100 visits from people overseas searching for a dream home here.

Adelaide property is becoming more and more sought after on many different fronts. We have a stable market, value for money property, and a lifestyle many Australians are envious of. There's our world-class hospital and education systems. Then there's our vineyards, restaurants and the rise of funky bars, cafes and little city hot spots and great hospitality putting our city on the world map... I really do believe there is no place better to call home! 

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