Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Great Australian Dream

As the nation stopped on Tuesday to celebrate Australia Day, I couldn't help but think how lucky we are at Team Toop to be in the business of helping people achieve 'The Great Australian Dream'... home ownership. 

We are so lucky to live in Australia for so many reasons. I spent Australia Day at one of our amazing local beaches, Encounter Bay, swimming with wild dolphins! 

Driving along the foreshore, and admiring one of our current listings on this strip, an amazing modern beachfront townhouse, I thought about how fortunate we are in Australia, and in particular South Australia to have such beautiful properties at such relatively affordable prices. 

Unlike many countries in the world, we still have the ability to own our homes outright. 

Countries such as China, UK and India sell properties as 'Fixed Leasehold' on Crown land, which means the value of a property is not just determined by its characteristics and location, but impacted by how long the current leasehold has left too.

As an Australian, the idea of buying a house and knowing that it isn't 100% yours is something I struggled with when I lived in London. I had experience in selling leasehold property, and it helped me to realise how lucky Australians are to be able to pass property down through generations. 

With interest rates still at such great rates, and with Adelaide tipped for 2016 to be one of the most attractive and stable property markets in Australia, why not go after the Great Australian Dream? 

We are seeing that many of us already are! In the first two weeks of January, Toop&Toop experienced 148% more buyers in the market than the whole month of December. Over the last two weeks we have had 2,134 groups out at Toop&Toop inspections, which is an incredible number of people looking at property right now! 

We have over 100 inspections this weekend, 18 auctions this week and another 19 auctions scheduled for February already! 

If you are currently looking for your next home, our ToopVault can help you get an edge on the competition. The ToopVault holds all of our properties while they are getting ready for sale, and allows ToopVIP Members to view these before they hit the market. It is easy to join. Just visit and click on the 'become a ToopVIP' button.

Having Australia Day on a Tuesday was a great chance to press pause on a busy week and reflect on just how lucky we are to have the ability to realise our dreams and own our own piece of this great country. Personally, I feel fortunate to be working in an industry where I get to help people achieve their dreams every day! 

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