Monday, February 15, 2016

Innovation & imitation... The difference is as clear as black & white

Now I wouldn't be my father's daughter if I didn't shake things up and speak my mind on topics that as a company we are so passionate about. One of the cornerstones of our business is innovation. We love how technology and new ideas can create huge value to our clients and business.

Innovation seems to be the word of the month of late with 'new' products being launched left right and centre... and while new to some of our competitors, in reality these 'innovations' are very similar to services we have provided for years. Although somewhat flattering, it can also be frustrating when some real estate businesses don't truly understand the 'why' behind the idea and it is customers that are missing out because the original idea has been misunderstood or miscommunicated along the way.

Emulation and looking at other industries and learning from them is hugely beneficial but whether it is innovation or emulation, I believe it is no longer good enough to offer something new or to be different for the sake of marketing or PR spin. Innovation needs to create a significant positive change and ultimately, provide a valuable outcome to your client...otherwise what's the point?

Right now our team at Toop&Toop are experimenting with VR technology, 3D printing and some other very cool technologies. We are super excited about this space and are evaluating and forecasting how people will actually use these products and where this technology can truly provide value to our customers in real estate, while focusing on where we can use innovation to create value for clients now!

Over the last six months, we have introduced and enhanced a huge amount of services to our clients. Last weekend, we launched our new format Toop.TV! Toop.TV was an innovation we created seven years ago when videos were only just emerging.

Today, people want to watch up-to-date content at their convenience. Our new format is punchy, accessible and captures all of the action on the biggest day of the week for Real Estate. We have been overwhelmed with the response from buyers and property enthusiasts - this pilot episode achieved 3,191 views in three days from Facebook alone!!

With statistics like these, I'm sure our competitors will follow, but regardless of how quickly the pace of imitation has become, at TeamToop we are still just as passionate as ever about innovation and our service to clients!

We have a fantastic team culture of constantly striving to find ways to do things better. All we ask is for the industry to remember how important the 'why' is... Why it is an idea worth doing or adopting, why it is valuable to your client and why it will make their lives better when selling, buying, renting or managing their property right now.

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