Wednesday, March 09, 2016

ToopVault cracks 5,000 members!

On Tuesday at 11:05am we were so excited to see our ToopVault hit 5,000 members in our buyer bank! Our ToopVault is the chance for serious buyers to see our Toop&Toop properties before everyone else and has been extremely successful in marketing and selling clients' properties.

Databases are talked about in real estate constantly, however not everyone in our industry really understands how to operate a database and how to unlock its serious power and produce valuable results. Our four full time IT programmers work on our databases daily because we have found that when you truly understand database strategies and implement these correctly, the results are incredible!

The ToopVault is proof of this!

In our business alone we could quote a range of different database numbers... for example our master database of 84,650 people is impressive from a pure number point of view, however the question is, how valuable is this information when it comes to each clients' property sale? How does this large number help? You quickly realise, it is irrelevant!

ToopVault, our specific database for active buyers, is growing by over 100 members a week! Why? Because it is adding genuine value to buyers. They hear about property before the public, are able to refine their search criteria, view on any device (including exclusive extra features on our iPhone App) and choose how often they receive their property alerts from us.

As a result our clients' homes are the winners!

In February, ToopVault sent out 55,580 emails to registered members... that's 1,917 emails per day! 6,526 buyers clicked through to our client's specific property web page for more information. That's 225 buyers per day wanting to see the full description, floorplan, photos and videos of our clients' homes.

We sell properties every month through the Vault saving our clients time, hassle and marketing costs and we're helping buyers 
finally get ahead of the competition and purchase their dream property.

Taking the time and investing in the resources to understand how information can best be used is where your agent can add huge value to your selling strategy. For more information, make sure to have a chat to one of our team this weekend.

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