Thursday, May 05, 2016

3D printing turning your dream home into reality ... and it’s closer than you may think!

It is crazy to think that one day we could design and print our very own home, literally dreaming up what we would like our next home to look like and then making it a reality all by ourselves through technology. While this may seem like something that only happens in science fiction, in reality this technology is not that far away! 

A video has gone viral on social media about a company in China who have printed five full size bungalow homes in 3D in a single day! Each cost less than $5,000 to construct and made from environmentally friendly material! This type of capability which is already possible and being tested right now, makes you quickly realise how much of a game changer this will be in 
the real estate market. 

With construction costs becoming so low, the emphasis on land location and the value placed on this component would rise significantly. If property takes less than a day to build and is inexpensive we could even see people updating and 'printing' a new home every few years. Essentially they would be updating their home design with their changing lifestyle needs rather than opting to move home. 

This type of technology unlocks a whole new world in real estate and what's exciting is that it's already possible!

While most of the pieces are already in place for 3D house printing, this is not something that we expect to be common for a while yet. There are still some hurdles to overcome with the technology before we see 3D printed homes popping up around our streets. Even though there are printers that are large enough and capable of printing full size homes (using concrete and cement formulas) there is still significant costs on the procedural and material technology. 

This area is moving at very fast speeds. Cement companies are racing to be the first to find the winning formula to take printing property from experimental to a mainstream reality. A Thai cement maker has developed a new cement that allows it to dry quickly and bind quick enough that it can be printed with dramatic curves and twists, and it can remain freestanding while drying without the need for support material ... unlocking the potential for property designs in all different shapes ... meaning your dream home is no longer 'confined to four walls'.

These types of innovation breakthroughs are happening frequently and it's exciting to see! 3D technology is going to play a significant part in the future of real estate and open up so many opportunities for home owners!At Toop&Toop, innovation has always been a passion of ours since day one. We are passionate about how we can use innovative tools to provide our clients with an unmatchable experience. This Sunday on Mother's Day, Team Toop will be celebrating 31 years in business! We absolutely love what we do and are so excited for our business's future ... in 31 years time imagine what the property market will look like! 

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