Thursday, June 16, 2016

Online trends result in buyers’ wanting an offline lifestyle.

There is no denying that today we live in a fast paced world. Technology is moving at a rapid rate and has made us globally connected, 24/7 right in the palm of our hand. Even if your hands are tied, information is only a Siri command away...

With the way the world of communication is changing, it's interesting to see the impact on the real estate market. Being in the business of helping people buy and sell their homes, when you ask people what their idea of 'home' is, you will receive many different answers. The common theme is that 'home' is a feeling rather than a physical dwelling. So, as our pace of life quickens, what we are seeing in the real estate world is that buyers' are looking for a home where they can switch off, be 'offline' and relax.

In Adelaide, we are seeing this trend directly impact our market. For example we are noticing an increase in demand for Adelaide Hills lifestyle properties. The hills market is showing great value for buyers' and it offers what so many people are now craving - large blocks of land with the convenience of still being close to the city, and a retreat from the connectivity of modern living. Adelaide is unique in many ways but especially for offering affordable getaways close to the city.  

With mindsets starting to shift on what people are looking for in a home, we are seeing suburbs such as Stirling, Aldgate and Crafers in huge demand. Value for money within the hills is at an all-time high and the ability to have space and privacy, with the convenience of a cosmopolitan lifestyle is what hills living is all about. World class wineries on your doorstep, space for the kids to kick the football and restaurants within walking distance are just some of the factors drawing people to the Adelaide Hills.  

The average South Australian property on the market attracts 537 website visits, however Toop&Toop's hills listings are attracting on average of over 1,465 visits per property! That's almost triple the amount of buyers looking at these areas. Property prices are now also starting to expand and grow as a flow-on from the increased demand in the area. The median house prices for suburbs like Aldgate, Heathfield and Bridgewater are at the highest we have ever seen. Demand for executive rental properties in the hills are just as strong too. If you have been thinking about selling or leasing your property, it would be worth talking to our Adelaide Hills Specialists - Anita, Matt, Sarah and Jared to find out exactly how leveraging these buyer and tenant trends can help you achieve a premium result. 

So, for those who have realised what many are just catching onto now, the Adelaide Hills is a great place to call home. The hills are well and truly alive, and why wouldn't they be... in a world that is moving at such a rapid pace, they truly do offer the best of both worlds!

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