Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beat the spring rush and hit the market early!

There's a new feeling in the air, the winter chill is easing and the mornings are getting brighter. Spring is just around the corner! 

In our industry, even though statistics show that winter is the best time to sell, homes do look beautiful in spring and many vendors feel more comfortable waiting until the winter months have passed to put their home on the market. This is the time when gardens are in full bloom and looking their best. 

Why does winter work so well for sellers? Stock levels are tight and buyer demand is high. Then, while awaiting settlement, sellers can cherry pick the best buys from the seasonal flood of newly listed properties that traditionally launch in the first few weeks of spring. 

For those of you who have your heart set on spring? We have some Toop Tips to help make sure you don't get caught in the rush.

Put your home on the market early! With the AFL Grand Final over a long weekend this
year, it is good news for sellers. Given the
extra day, buyers can still watch the footy
and attend opens! 

Ensure you have a selling strategy you are comfortable with. Launching in peak times does have great advantages, however it is likely that you will be competing with more properties. Ensure you take the time to choose the right agency and that your salesperson has a strategic approach to the campaign - one that you feel will get you the very best result. 

Beware of 'campaigns' or 'promotions'. Agency competitions have started. They are offering people all sorts of 'prizes' such as holidays or movie vouchers, to ramp up the quantity of business for their agents leading into spring. It is important to tread carefully with promotions like these, as choosing the right agent with the resources to handle the sale campaign is integral to its success.

Curiosity is imperative! Ask questions of your salesperson, ask to see more information, or even ask for a tour of the agent's office. Find
out what goes on behind the scenes to support the promises they are making. 

Spring is almost here and we're excited!

At Toop&Toop we pride ourselves on delivering our promise of exceptional customer service
and results.

At Team Toop, everyone from our six offices works together. With our collaborative buyer intel, we can provide you with an accurate number of how many people we have looking for a property
like yours, in real time.

If you would like to find out more on how Team Toop can leverage buyer demand for your property and make sure your home stands out this spring...

We would love to chat with you, and better still our team would love to, show you! 

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