Thursday, September 29, 2016

ToopAir – It’s time for take off!

On 13 April 2013 ToopAir took its maiden flight in the sky. Before Australia knew about drones, we were opening our eyes to the huge possibilities that this could potentially have in the real estate world. Always looking for new innovations and ideas, we had heard about this leading edge technology and quickly imported our first drone from the US, ready to go on to take some incredible images of property.

Reflecting on this, it is fascinating to see how quickly the world is moving! In 2013, for the everyday Australian, drones were not an economical purchase. Now you can buy a recreational drone for as little as $80. CASA was once something you associated with commercial aeroplane pilots, and hearing that there was such intensive training, costs and that you actually needed a pilots licence to fly a 'toy' like this, it all seemed absurd.

On Thursday the legislation around drones changed. There was a substantial shift in how these aircraft could be used, and we've witnessed legislation catch up to this technology which has 
now become commonplace. 

There is no doubt over these last three years there has been an acceptance of new technology and we are now beginning to see drones intertwine into our everyday life. Around the world, hotels have signs around their grounds saying 'No Drones Please', and the pace of this space and how it is moving will see some big changes in how we live.

Back in 2014 Anthony Toop was quoted, "The drones will hit the air, they won't go away, CASA will catch up with the legislation. It moves so quickly they will catch up. Drones will be huge."

At Toop&Toop we have been thinking about how drones will change our lifestyle and landscape for a long time, how we would love to use this technology, but also just how important it is to respect the environment around us, and the responsibility that comes with flying a device like this.

So... how are drones changing real estate?
There is no doubt that in real estate emotive marketing is key. Being able to capture imagery 
of a home from all its best angles, to truly show 
it off and provide another visual touch point, can enhance the emotional connection for potential buyers. 

Adding to strategic marketing in this way helps communicate to buyers on an emotional level and helps them visualise themselves in the home and fall in love with it. It's no secret that the more buyers we connect with through marketing it will encourage more competition. And, when there is strong competition for a home, combined with the right sale strategies, then we as agents can deliver exceptional sale results for our clients.

Team Toop are so excited about the new possibilities this drone legislation change brings. We can now bring our drone photography back in-house to our award-winning marketing studio. We will have flexibility and total control capturing amazing video and photography for our clients, providing unique marketing options when selling homes. Bringing this in-house also means that we are able to do this with the utmost respect and care for the community around us.

We can't wait to get our ToopAir drones off the ground and continue to take real estate marketing to the next level! 

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