Thursday, October 27, 2016

Real estate’s night of nights. Thank you SA for all of your support!

This year, the Real Estate Institute of South Australia's Excellence Awards was held on our state's first ever 'I Choose SA' Day. As a local family business of over 31 years, we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this fantastic initiative than with our team on real estate's night of nights. Last Saturday, we put ourselves forward across every category that we could, because as a business we believe it is important to constantly test yourself and your ideas. It is what makes you grow, not only as people but also as a team, and helps drive you to continually improve for your clients. 

The Real Estate Excellence Awards night was such an amazing night for our family, and we couldn't be more proud of all of our team finalists. It was exciting to see Jared Campbell take out the Gold in Property Management Achievement of the Year, Sally Cameron win Silver in the Residential Sales Person of the Year - Eastern, and Bronte Manuel recognised as the South Australian Auctioneer of the Year!

As a team overall, we were recognised as the winners of the five largest corporate accolades on the night: Marketing & Communications, Innovation, Employer of the Year, Large Property Management Agency of the Year, and overall winner... Large Residential Agency of the Year!

These awards were very special to us, as each of these categories are integral in delivering an exceptional real estate experience, service and results to our clients and the community.

Property marketing and communicating with buyers are fundamental skills for real estate agents and key to achieving a premium sale price for a home. The way an agent represents a property and how they create emotional connections through marketing is so important in creating competition amongst buyers.

Innovative thinking leads to innovative ideas, and ultimately to innovative products. These become the tools an agent can use to differentiate themselves and the properties they represent in the market. Innovation enables us to achieve exceptional results through products and services that are unique to Team Toop. This year we won the Innovation award for our ToopVault - an innovative product that is one-of-a-kind and that is providing exceptional value and results to both buyers and sellers.

Just like in any business, underpinning everything is your team. Your team are the ultimate keys to success. For both Suzannah and I, being recognised within our industry as Employer of the Year was our biggest highlight of the night. In an industry where collaborating and sharing information is extremely rare, we feel so grateful to have a culture and environment that embraces teamwork and who love collaboration. To have a team who travel from all over the state every Tuesday morning to present their 
client's homes to each other and help one another sell all Toop&Toop properties is so unique, and a perfect example of teamwork coming to life in our business.

Last Saturday night truly was humbling on so many different levels. We are so thankful to our clients and the entire South Australian community for all of your support. It has been a huge year of change, innovation, succession, results and achievements for our team and to have our community's support means so much to us as a family business. 

We are excited to now go on to represent South Australia in the Real Estate Institute of Australia's National Excellence Awards in these five categories in Canberra early next year. We hope we can make our state proud!

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