Thursday, November 17, 2016

When the unpredictable hits, we look at what we can control.

This spring we have experienced some extremely wild and unpredictable weather. Most recently a freak hail storm, and of course, the intense storm that hit in late September. Having heard stories of homes flooding, roofs being ripped off and windows breaking, it's no wonder maintenance is front of mind for many investors across Adelaide. 

This can often be worrying for landlords, in regard to the upkeep of their property however, we believe this does not need to 
be the case. 

For us this type of wild weather has demonstrated how important it is to look at what you can control. As agents, we see that a robust after-hours support system is essential 
to your tenant, and in particular your property. 

We are on the front foot and have created a dedicated 24/7 After-Hours Emergency Hotline for our tenants, with an 'on-call' support team including plumbing and electrical services. 

Last week when the hail storm hit we were ready to act and sort things out right away, despite our 'on-call' team receiving 83% more calls from tenants then usual. 

We received various queries from tenants, ranging from a leaking ceiling to electricity going out in the home. We know that in these situations, tenants need our help and guidance, well before Monday morning comes around.

Another focus for our team has been proactively providing our tenants with hints and tips on how to prepare for these extreme weather conditions. Through our national award-winning maintenance program, we are able to communicate directly with our tenants on these crucial occasions. For example, before the severe storm in September, we sent communications to all tenants with tips on how 
to best prepare for the wild weather ahead.

These tips included ensuring items such as their side gate was secure so family pets were safe, to charging mobile phones and electronic devices in preparation for a black-out. Should we be enduring a heat wave and a tenant's air-conditioner fails, we are able to promptly notify them of accurate turn-around times for repairs during peak periods. 

In our role as property managers, proactive communication is so important. Our team have received some fantastic feedback over the past few months, which only demonstrates to me how vital our role is in helping tenants when risky weather hits. 

At Toop&Toop we believe it is important to always be on the front foot. We are here to help and support our clients, inside and outside of usual business hours. When unpredictable weather hits, it's important to be proactive and look at what you can control.

Suzannah Toop

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