Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016... what an incredible year!

This year, our 31st year for Team Toop, has been a year of milestones, achievements and successes. And as a family business we could not be more proud. 

We've been judged by our peers at the Real Estate Institute of South Australia Awards and received numerous accolades across all areas of our business; Residential Agency of the Year, Property Management Agency of the Year, Marketing, Innovation, and we were honoured to receive Employer of the Year for our industry.

We've set new highs and achieved amazing outcomes for our clients, including adding to the history books, with Thebarton becoming Adelaide's latest million-dollar suburb.

Our team has worked closely with local community groups to help raise more than $2 million through charity auctions to support those living with disability, medical research and disadvantaged children.

All of this could not be possible without the support of South Australia behind us, so thank you SA! From all of us at Team Toop, we'd like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to 2017 with you.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Christmas is just 15 days away...

But you want to sell urgently. What do you do? 

First of all, don't panic. The number of sales in the final days leading up to Christmas is staggering, so keep focused right until Christmas Eve, as it is not too late! Team Toop has worked across 31 Christmas seasons and time after time, the results we have experienced through this period are incredible.

Over this particular period, we see that many of the year's buyers are frustrated, wishing that they can put an end to their search and secure their new home before Christmas. Similarly, sellers are often tired of the sale journey and are in the mood to finalise their sale before Christmas so they can move on and open a new chapter in the New Year. This period over the next two weeks therefore is critical for sellers. 

Smart real estate agents will ensure they are on call and ready to help right up until Christmas Eve to put these contracts in place. Buyers are often spontaneous at this time and there is a real risk they will not be there in the New Year.

Our experience is that during the window between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, there's a huge amount of property enquiry but very, very few contracts. History shows us that genuine enquiry to purchase in this window is minimal, becoming especially tough on sellers given the time of the year with family and holiday commitments adding extra pressure on top of their house sale journey.

What is fascinating to see, is that we can pretty much pinpoint to the stroke of midnight on 31 December as the point in time buyer behaviours shift.

Buyers are excited in January; totally starved of property, revitalised and rearing to get on with things. There is a sense of optimism about a New Year. New buyers hit the streets, and interstate and overseas activity peaks in January. Why? Because buyers have time. Many buyers have been on holidays and they are starting to get bored, they are ready to get into the year and 
lock in their purchase so they can book into the right schools. January is a very strategic month 
to sell, and we love it!

Team Toop has a long track record of success selling clients' homes in January. We have a specialised campaign designed during this time to sell property for premium prices, last year achieving 47 sales in the month. 

For those who have been frustrated in 2016 trying to sell their property, we have specifically prepared cost effective and powerful selling strategies designed for this time of year. I strongly recommend you pick up the phone and get Toop&Toop out to see you this week!

We are finishing 2016 with a bang and the current market is achieving great results. Our sales over the past six weeks have been strong, including many off market sales, and a significant trend of homes selling prior to auction. Please feel free to call or email me direct if you'd like to have a chat about selling your property, and I'll get the best person for the job to see you as soon as possible. Happy house selling Adelaide!​

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Investors, the bar has been lifted.

Earlier this month, the State Government announced new legislation that every property manager in South Australia is to be licenced. This is great news for investors and an exciting time for property management in our state. 

At Toop&Toop we see these changes as a big and important step forward. With the official press release titled 'Clock ticking on dodgy property managers', it seems Deputy Premier John Rau MP and the SA Government are as enthusiastic as we are that licencing requirements are finally being introduced in our state.

So how will this benefit landlords? 
Property managers are professionals managing portfolios upwards of $100 million in residential property. We are entrusted to look after peoples' biggest assets and are in a position to optimise or hinder clients' investment returns. 

With increased training provided to all property managers, we expect to see a consistent level of service provided to investors, as well as increased professionalism across the industry.

We know that the daily responsibilities of a property manager have moved away from pure administration or 'just collecting the rent'. We have witnessed this first hand, as well as the impact the changes introduced in March 2014 
in the Residential Tenancy legislation, have had on landlords and tenants. 

For our team, the importance of industry-best training is at the forefront of what we do. Over the last two years, the head trainer at REISA has provided in-house education and training to our property management team. Having the knowledge to advise clients appropriately, and skilfully navigate through legislation, is imperative to ensure landlords' interests are protected.

We take our responsibility of managing investment properties seriously. It is fantastic 
to see that things are moving in the right direction and we see this as a big step forward 
for the industry. The bar has been lifted.

Suzannah Toop