Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is your property at the top of the 2017 wish list?

What a festive season it has been! From 40 degrees on Christmas Day to extreme storms only days later, our Property Management team have certainly been busy over this time ensuring our clients' properties are secure and our tenants are safe.

The December/January period is also a peak time in Leasing, as many tenants start to look for a new property in the new year. Currently, our team are seeing the market activity lift with an increasing number of properties becoming available each week. 

For investors, what does this mean? It means making sure your property is attractive to tenants and ensuring it is at the top of their 'wish list'. 

This is particularly important as the number of available rental properties increases this time of year, and therefore it is even more crucial for your property to stand out! 

So how can you make sure your property stands out? From a tenant's point of view the following items are essential and appealing when looking for a new home... 

Air conditioning.

This is seen as an absolute must, especially in the main living area and main bedroom. Interestingly, from speaking to Property Managers in NSW, we've 
learned that air conditioning is now seen by the 
Tribunal as a basic need across the eastern states.


If a tenant has overlooked this once in their renting life, it is guaranteed they won't do it again. By either installing built-in robes or providing wardrobes from IKEA, it is necessary 
for tenants to have the extra storage space. 

Car parking.

Having at least one off-street or secure car park is particularly important to tenants. Even if it's something they need to share, this will go a long way with prospective tenants.

Other items that are seen favourably by tenants include a gas stove, an ensuite bathroom and an open plan living area. A fresh coat of paint, or perhaps replacing tired looking carpet can even give a home a completely different look which tenants will notice.

With eight Property Management teams across six different office locations, our team are hearing first hand what tenants are looking for in the current market place. 

If you want to know more about what we're finding this peak season, give our team a call today. We're here to help ensure your investment property is at the top of the wish 
list this New Year! 

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