Thursday, March 30, 2017

Award winning innovation 
a seller’s dream!

Last week in Canberra, Toop&Toop was recognised as Australia’s #1 Real Estate Agency, and acknowledged with three major awards at the 2017 Real Estate Institute Australia (REIA) National Awards for Excellence. We were honoured to receive awards for excellence in Innovation, Communications and as Large Residential Agency of the Year. We were also inducted into the Hall of Fame for Innovation after winning this category for the last three years.

To take out this hat trick on a national level
is the highest privilege in Australian real estate. We are so proud of each and every one of our team members who continually strive
for excellence. Their outstanding service to
our clients, passion for innovation and ability to set new standards is incredible. We’re also so thankful to the South Australian community and all of our clients for their continued support.

These national awards recognised us for our outstanding business achievements, corporate communications and marketing activities, and the development of ToopVault, a smartphone app and system that provides buyers the opportunity to view Toop&Toop properties before they hit the public market.

It was fantastic for this Toop-created innovation to receive national recognition as such a powerful way to connect people with homes and add real value to our clients in their selling and buying experience.

One of the cornerstones of Toop&Toop is innovation. Our entire team’s culture is made up of finding new ways to provide an unmatchable real estate service, which is why being recognised as leaders in this space across Australia for the third year in a row, means so much to us. 

ToopVault is not only a fantastic tool for buyers, but also a very important tool for sellers. It allows our clients’ homes to be marketed in a unique way, unlike any other agency in Australia! There are plenty of early advice products out there, but ToopVault takes this service to a whole new level. The power of this tool comes from the ability to communicate and market a home immediately from the day we are appointed. When our team meets with you, they can take photos of your home on the spot, write a brief description, then upload this into our system and launch the property instantly to ToopVault... all before they even leave your property! This is then matched to our ToopVault members who have the opportunity to view and purchase the home before professional marketing begins or before it is released publicly.

Currently we are finding that buyers are frustrated. There is a shortage of properties
on the market and interest rates are at an all time low, resulting in huge demand. This means that buyer’s time in the market is growing longer as they are continually missing out. Feedback over the last 18 months has shown us that our ToopVault buyers will see past small things required to get a home ready. They understand that they have an edge on the market with an opportunity to see a property before others and are able to make their decision about a property quickly before it being ‘snapped up’ by the public.

Mandy Doolan, our Sales Agent in the Inner West, has had remarkable success with a number of homes selling prior to hitting the public market in 2017.

Mandy said, “With buyers being so savvy and with fast access to so much information, it’s great that our vendor understood our recommendation of putting her investment property on ToopVault prior to completing works at the property before the planned marketing campaign. With numerous recent successful campaigns in the Inner West we knew many purchasers were eagerly awaiting a new release on ToopVault. With only a few private appointments the property was sold for a top price to a purchaser that had missed out on a similar property in Mile End.”

ToopVault’s strength is undeniable… we currently sell over 20% of our properties through this process! While we know that nothing in real estate is certain, one thing that ToopVault has proven, is that for sellers it can equate to savings, is a discreet way of selling a property and is an immediate way of targeting qualified buyers.

So whether you’re thinking of selling and would like to find out more about how many ToopVault members we have looking for a home in your area, and how we can leverage this demand to achieve a premium for your property, be sure to speak to Team Toop this weekend!

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