Thursday, March 16, 2017

From phonebook to Facebook... the power of social media!

Times are changing in real estate, and fast. We are globally connected 24/7 and are communicating with each other in more ways than ever. 

With over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and the introduction of live streaming on Facebook, everyday people are reporting news in real time. With 80% of us checking our phones within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, consumers are increasingly getting their news through social media platforms such as Facebook. So what about real estate?

Just 25 years ago there was no internet, no mobile phones, no websites, smart phones, 
text messages or email. Communication was limited to window displays, newspaper advertising and word-of-mouth from agents and vendors. Fast-forward to today, the communication channels available are phenomenal and are increasing every day! 

Some real estate agents are panicking, some are in denial and others, like us, are excited about the social media revolution!

Social media has been a game changer for all businesses in today's society and it's growing at an extraordinary rate. In 2010, there were 0.97 billion people using social media and in January 2017 the latest figures now show 2.78 billion users worldwide! The numbers are so big they are hard to comprehend. 

Facebook is by far the biggest platform with 1.86 billion monthly users and 1.15 billion people logging on daily. YouTube comes in second, followed by WhatsApp, WeChat and Instagram. 

So how does the biggest communication movement in history impact real estate here in South Australia? If you break these statistics down to a local level, an astonishing 61% of South Australians are Facebook users! 

With so many South Australians on multiple social networks, real estate agencies need to completely understand these platforms and how to powerfully and effectively advertise on them, as well as help vendors leverage their own networks to create maximum exposure for their property and optimise the sale of their home.

Social media has flipped the traditional six degrees of separation on its head. Facebook has calculated with current social media platforms, the degree of separation is now at 3.74! Meaning, you are connected to the whole world via three friends! It seems crazy, but this global reach is literally at your fingertips and with the right marketing execution it can be a valuable ingredient in showcasing your property.

When choosing an agent, it is now vital to ask them about their social media strategy. Team Toop has been leveraging social media since its evolution in the early 2000s. Our experience in video, digital and social media marketing has led to many of our clients' properties 'going viral' (a term that means a post has generated a great deal of attention through a high number of likes, shares and comments) with these property posts organically reaching up to 20,000 people within a matter of hours!  

This is a truly effective and exciting way to showcase your property. If you are thinking of selling, make sure to talk to one of our team today and find out how we use social media in our award winning marketing mix to make your property stand out live, to the world!

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