Thursday, May 11, 2017

TEAM. Together everyone achieves more.

This past week has been a unique one for Team Toop. One that has enabled us to experience our strength as a team and see just how important and valuable teamwork is within a real estate business in today's world.

On Tuesday, Toop&Toop took our annual award winners on a conference to the Pacific Islands. This conference gave us the chance to bring some of our best minds together, from across all departments of the business and in all areas of real estate, to workshop ideas, strategies and goals. Amongst the group, were our top performers in Sales, Property Investment, Marketing, IT, Administration and Customer Service.

During the conference, together we combined our knowledge and experience to tackle industry-wide challenges, creating strategies and plans to increase customers' experience with real estate. The discussions and ideas generated throughout the week have been phenomenal, with the outcomes being immediately implemented.

Teamwork is a word that can be easily thrown around, yet can be very rare to actually see in action. In my opinion, true teamwork always stems from the deepest part of a business's culture. The culture enriched in Toop&Toop has been built from Anthony and Sylvia Toop's unshakable teamwork for over 32 years.

The power of teamwork specifically in real estate is vital and cannot be overlooked, as it ultimately impacts our customers' experience. In an industry that appears to be built on the success of individuals, if a strong team structure does not support it, the client ultimately loses out.

Team Toop's unique tools such as instant and accurate reporting on buyer groups, and personalised client reports immediately after open inspections, are only made possible from this team culture. Collaborating and sharing information allows our team to provide clients with important details such as who came through their property and their thoughts - even down to the detail of how many times they have been to the home and what other Toop&Toop properties the buyers have visited.

This week has been incredibly rewarding and we were able to achieve more than we ever thought possible, both at home in the property market and abroad. Our team has been communicating with 92 brand new buyers who have entered the market this week alone, as well as continuing to work with our 8,753 registered buyers still looking for property.

At our conference there was some serious brainstorming and workshopping, and we are excited about the ideas we have coming soon! On top of a fantastic trip, we also celebrated our 32nd year in business with our entire team this week, something very special to us.

Congratulations on a huge and very productive week Team Toop! And to our future clients, we can't wait to demonstrate what our team has in store for you.

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