Friday, June 23, 2017

“Change has never happened this fast before… and it will never be this slow again!”

Ever since Team Toop was born in 1985, innovation has been at the heart of our business. Toop&Toop was created because a determined 27-year old real estate agent, Anthony Toop, had a dream that real estate needed to change. He believed that as an industry, we needed to be better, and through innovation and thinking differently we could challenge the status quo and deliver a new level of experience and service to our community.

Now 32 years on, our passion and drive to think differently, push boundaries and deliver excellence has never been stronger! Every day this is brought to life through our incredible team.

Over the last six months, Team Toop's Innovation Lab has been brainstorming and researching what the next generation real estate experience looks like. We have been searching the globe to find answers and ways that we can bring the future of real estate to our clients now... and we have found it! Over the next week, Team Toop will be introducing SA to a whole new buying and selling experience like nothing else in our market and we can't wait to share this with you! But first, we'd love to take you through a snapshot of our innovation journey so far...

1989 - We introduced the first ever illuminated signboard. 
Toop&Toop made headlines across Australia for our brand new approach to property marketing - illuminated signboards. In a real estate world with no internet, no mobiles, no property photography and no brochures, Toop&Toop created a way to provide our clients with 24/7 property advertising. This instantly flowed through to results for clients as they maximised their exposure, buyer interest, and reduced days on market as in many cases the only opportunity buyers had to see properties was during the evening after work.

1995 - Team Toop brings colour to real estate! 
Toop&Toop brought colour to real estate marketing. We were the first agency to introduce photography in 1989 and the first to bring colour printing technology to real estate marketing six years later. Today it seems unimaginable to think that back then, before this innovation, the most advanced way to view a home was through a black and white sketch!

2002 - We introduced individual property websites.
In 2002, we introduced individual websites for all properties listed with Toop&Toop. A game changer, that is even more relevant today. With so many properties competing for buyers' attention online, we want your home to stand out!

2007 - Australia's first property video was shot.
Toop&Toop became the first agency in the world to introduce video to the real estate market! An innovation, that over the last 10 years continues to increase in its power and ability to engage buyers for our clients' homes from across the globe.

2013 - ToopAir received global attention as we introduced drone photography to real estate. 
On 13 April 2013, ToopAir took its maiden flight in the sky, taking emotive marketing and buyer engagement to all new heights. Being able to capture imagery of a home from all of its best angles, we were able to truly show it off like never before and this became an instant hit with our clients, along with the entire industry.

2014 - Award winning ToopVault. 
Our ToopVault, a smartphone app and exclusive off market buyer matching service was born! Winning both State and National Innovation Awards, we utilised the traditional industry downtime to give buyers and sellers an opportunity like no other. ToopVault enables buyers to view and purchase Toop&Toop properties before they hit the public market. Three years on and ToopVault's strength is undeniable... we currently sell over 20% of our properties through this process! 

2015 - National award winning maintenance product ToopFIX.
ToopFIX is a game changing app and online platform that allows tenants, landlords, property managers and tradespeople to request and review maintenance items 24/7 and receive live updates from the palm of their hand. Unlike any system in the marketplace we have had requests from real estate agencies all over Australia to utilise our software in their business to increase their clients Property Management experience.

2015 - First real estate agency in Australia with an iPhone and Apple watch app.
As real estate agents, there is no denying the importance mobile marketing plays in selling a home, which is why we launched our own Toop&Toop Property App. Our app provides exclusive services such as alerts to our ToopVault members when they pass a Vault listing. With no visible signs the property is on the market, this is the ultimate VIP buying experience!

Watch this space...
In our Innovation Lab, we have been sourcing the globe and working hard to bring a whole new experience to the South Australian real estate market. Watch this space... the next generation of property marketing is almost here and we can't wait to share it with you!

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