Thursday, August 03, 2017

Tech-savvy buyers are out and about!

Australians are some of the most tech savvy people in the world and as a nation we love buying property and living 'The Great Australian Dream'. With half of the world's population online, digital connectivity is helping to improve people's lives, and in real estate we are seeing that buyers are savvier than ever. New digital tools are making the process of buying and selling property faster, simpler, more engaging and accessible than ever before.

Buyer's expectations are also much greater than they used to be... they want information, quickly and easily, and it needs to be up to date and available, whenever and wherever. A study conducted last year by found that 78 per cent of consumers were accessing property listings and information online - rather than through traditional methods alone
- using smart phones, laptops and tablets.

New technologies are giving buyers the power to shape their property-seeking journey rather than passively absorb what they are being given. They are using their mobile devices to interact with properties more than ever before and prefer digital platforms like virtual inspections and live-streamed auctions.  

Since launching ToopCreate, a new suite of property marketing tools for our Toop&Toop clients, we have seen our digital feature ToopDesign generate a buzz in the
marketplace. ToopDesign shows off the full potential of a home, and allows buyers to imagine renovating and redecorating. Buyers are able to digitally customise the interior of a home by selecting exciting new colours and textures for walls, flooring, countertops and cabinets. Buyers are also able to customise the exterior of your home including paint colour, window frame colour and other options. This design tool is transforming buyers' experience and sellers' results.

What buyers love.

The ability to digitally alter the kitchen and the exterior facade of a potential property to purchase, giving them the opportunity to visualise how the home would best work for them and their style. Buyers also love that they can do this from their iPad, giving them flexibility to design their dream home and show their family and friends wherever they are in the world. 

What sellers love.

Seeing the way buyers can interact with their home and give them an insight into what the property would look like if they added their own touches. They also love how it makes their property standout from the other listings on the market!

Since launching ToopDesign just one month ago, our clients' properties have had 10,000 more unique page views than our usual monthly average (an extra 322 views a day!) and time spent on our clients' webpages has dramatically increased!

If you would like to know more about ToopCreate, including products such asToopDesign, and how they can help you achieve the best result for your home, our team would love to hear from you. 

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