Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall

You've all heard the song?

Sylvia and I have been asked by Suzannah to help out for the rest of this year at Toop&Toop while Genevieve has some time with little Loxton Ace, our first grandson. We are a family business through and through and I'm enjoying being back on the tools again - even if it is for the short term.

My first week back, and OMG. First I was asked if we wanted to "merge" with another business and then only to learn that another competitor that I have always admired has sold their rent roll. That's so unexpected. I was nearly speechless.

What have I walked back into? It's a new world out there.

I can see first-hand that the real estate landscape is changing... and at a speed I've never seen before. In my 33 years of running a business (and almost 4 decades in real estate) I have seen a lot of change, but it's different this time. The corner store operators are facing new pressures as customer expectations rise and disruption in our industry (as with many others) is rife.

The up side of this? Real estate agents are being challenged like never before to be better, do better and ultimately rise to the level of professionalism that our consumers not only need but deserve. And this isn't for everyone. 

But for us, we love it. Suzannah has started her own software IT company supplying Adelaide based Toop&Toop innovations and our amazing breakthrough real estate platforms to the best of the best agents around the country. Team Toop has the best tools in the country, bar none, to be able to deliver a superior level of service to you. We are mixing tech with old school customer service - a winning combination.

Toop&Toop, from day one - the 8th May 1985 - has not only been OK with change, we have created change. Today is no different. We are the current #1 Large Agency in Australia (Australian Real Estate Institute Awards for Excellence) and we have just transitioned to second generation with possible third generation underway with young Loxton Ace (takes after his Dad, he is waving his arms around like an Australasian auctioneer champion already). Even with this as our foundation, and real estate pumping in our family's veins, we are not sitting still. We are determined to find new ways of doing things that benefit our clients. 

Winning these awards and these national titles doesn't come lightly - maybe we should be bragging more! After all no competitor nor national agency comes close to the accolades showered upon this local South Australian real estate agency called Toop&Toop - and in 2018 we are in a new era. What it means to be leading the industry now (with all of these challenges) compared to my day, is quite a feat - it takes new thinking plus old school values and a lot of energy and love for what we do.

This little green bottle is not going anywhere... we are a family business in second generation and flying. Go South Australia!

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