Thursday, March 15, 2018

Real estate disruption

Disruption was the buzz-word shaking Singapore last week at the 2018 Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) Edge global leadership conference. I was part of 2,800 YPO and YPO Gold delegates who gathered from around the globe at Marina Bay Sands with the biggest collection of CEOs from some seriously huge businesses (Toop&Toop's size rates at 'entry level'). It was an amazing week of learning. 

How do I think differently today from a week ago? What impact did the conference have on Toop&Toop's strategy in business? 

There are structural changes for all business that has already hit and universally, everyone believes that there is a business tsunami coming. This tsunami is not a decade away, it may not even be five years away... possibly not even a year away.

What are the signs? Well, they are endless. One example in our real estate industry is the proliferation of 'pop-up' businesses now appearing, and disappearing across our landscape. Pop-up real estate is alive and well, just look at the increasing number of fixed-fee and DIY hybrid real estate platforms springing up in the market. Many of the players in our industry are not prepared for this type of disruption or have no idea how to deal with it. 

Thankfully for us, we have always invested heavily in both innovation and technology. Our 30 plus years of investing blood, sweat and tears into creating and adapting technology is proving a smart investment for our future. We feel as if we are sitting on high ground to ensure that the real estate tsunami doesn't hurt any of our clients. 

As part of this, Suzannah is now selling her property management maintenance software (FIX). FIX was developed in-house here in Adelaide in 2014 for Toop&Toop Landlords, but fast forward to today and she has most of the best agencies in the country now as FIX clients. We all know that real estate is about to change and FIX is helping transform businesses right now, across Australia. Of course, our Adelaide clients win even more. These 'best of the best' agencies now have their input into FIX, and it has turbo charged the functionality advances... saving our clients even more money.

We have incredible sales technology too called VirtualAgent (VA). VA has won the hearts of our clients along with endless awards. These two technology platforms in FIX and VirtualAgent are coming into their own as the disruption climate in real estate heats up.

So what do I think differently about after 
the conference?

I think Toop&Toop is better positioned than I realised. For as long as clients want quality, embrace lower costs and demand better service levels, we will be there delivering. Toop&Toop's mission is to deliver faster results, cheaper than our competitors, while making our technology more accessible to our clients.

It's positive disruption... faster, cheaper and more accessible. Exciting times. I'm loving mixing it up with these millennials! Give us a call to see what we are up to, or to chat about selling or managing your investment portfolio the Toop&Toop way.

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