Thursday, March 01, 2018

Selling? Renting?

You're probably hearing, "The paper is dead... e-anything is the go! Social media is for the cool agents." 

Over the past three weeks I've met with pretty much EVERYONE involved in producing and providing property marketing channels. We've discussed the ins and outs of costs, reach, benefits and market segments. Having up to the minute knowledge is what successful selling and rental strategies is all about. Knowing how to apply that knowledge is not 
so easy. Toop&Toop lead the nation in this*.

Let's start with social media. Wow, social media is so over hyped. The amount of misinformation out in the market about what works in selling and renting on social media is astonishing. Everyone seems to be trying to make a buck out of the ignorance surrounding this. It's pretty crazy watching how much money is being wasted. We have four experts on our team who are all over this. It is just one option, not the only.

Claims. Stats and proof is everywhere. There is no way the average agent could possibly be able to determine what works unless they are truly passionate about marketing and are hands on in the field. They have to remain focused on their clients' needs in order to avoid their own ego and profile getting in the way. 

So, here is my professional opinion. Your best spent marketing dollars for your home or rental is 100% determined by the target market for your particular property and of course, YOUR needs.

I have a simple 20-minute workshop that I run through with my potential clients and we end up in agreement on the exact profile of the buyer or tenant that is best fit for the property. The process then works through the best way to get the attention of these people. It establishes the most efficient combination of channels, and within 20 minutes we have both a strategy and an agreed budget. It works.

I can assure you that the paper is NOT dead. Social media is NOT as good as is claimed. Specialised publications DO HAVE a special place. Online IS huge. Good quality agent websites create critical communication platforms for buyers. Online image technology DOES supercharge results. Database mining and our ToopVault buyer bank IS amazing. Signboards often remain the best bang for your buck, and a great real estate agent is CRITICAL.

The best results are invariably not achieved from one marketing channel and are rarely achieved by ordinary agents. The best results in real estate are not an accident, they are a science.

*Toop&Toop is the Real Estate Institute of 
South Australia's Marketing & Communications Award Winner 2015, 2016, 2017 and will be inducted into Real Estate Institute of Australia's Hall of Fame for communications next month.

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